SC LogoOur purpose in this project is purely to support carers — professional, home and volunteer. We know that carers can easily become tired and risk burn-out. Because they are focused on looking after others they often forget to look after themselves and their quality of care can deteriorate. The Everyone Cares videos are here to nudge you into better caring for yourself. This will spill over better to support others.

Everyone Cares is a project of the educational charity the Spiritual Companions Trust, which develops resources that integrate spirituality and wellness. Its approach is holistic, inclusive, multi-faith and no faith.

This website and its resources were funded by a grant from the Lottery Fund.

The strategies in these videos are the result of many years practical development. Trainers from our project have worked for decades with carers from many different backgrounds.

Dr William Bloom, who is the presenter of the educational videos, is Director of the Spiritual Companions Trust. Some of the strategies in these videos can be found in his books ‘The Endorphin Effect’ and ‘Feeling Safe’.

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